Rightway Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization. Your donation is eligible for tax exemption under section 80G.

Permanent Account Number: AAKCR3274J

80G Number: AAKCR3274JF20206

Dated: 09-07-2021

Support for our Children's Home

Kinldy Support our Children's home for Food, Education and Rent.

Support us to Provide free Computer Hardware Education for the Financially Backward

Kinldy Support us to Provide Free Computer Hardware Training. We partnership with I Computer Institute. We are paying the tuition fee of each student to the Computer Institute and giving free education to the finacially backward and interested people

FOOD & FOOD Kit Donation

Together, we are trying to keep poverty at bay! We are regularly offering food for homeless people starving at streets. And also, we are taking care for the food requirements of migratory workers struggling hard with their livelihood expenses. We always increase our capabilities and we plan to increase the numbers per day and we would like to start this in various states if we have the support of different interested volunteers from every city. We know many people who would be interested to join us on our journey and support others for various causes including the food donation for various states

Kindly Support us to Buy an Ambulance to start Free Services

The prime objective of this Emergency Health Response Team is to respond to the emergency and critical health-related issues of the community. In order to achieve this target, we are planning to buy an Ambulance. We saw Maruti Suzuki Eeco Ambulance in Bangalore and Kerala ₹ 695000 x 2 = 13,90,000 The price is inclusive of RTO charges and insurance. The Seller is Delphinus Automotive Technologies Pvt Ltd Kengeri Hobli, Mysore Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka. So we are planning to raise Rs. 14,00,000 to purchase and if there is any works, The Ambulance will be equipped with basic amenities of a health and have the equipment to support the emergency and critical need. We request all well-wishers to come forward and contribute with a great mind so that we Rightway Charitable Foundation can start this operation as soon as possible. Please come forward to support my cause. Any contribution will be of immense help. Do contribute and share this campaign link with your friends and family. Every day we provide 10 x 2 = 20 or more trips which helps save nearly 40000 rupees of financially backward people and the underprivileged community save up to 12 lakhs per month if our ambulance runs continuously

Support to us help a lot of people with disabilities.

From Kerala, a group of about 15 people from Trissur district called to our charity to ask and requested for some support. Suddenly a help was difficult so we asked them what skills they had. Surprisingly, they were very talented people. One of them was a good sculptor. Years ago, when Pope John Paul II came to Kerala, he was the one who made a small statue of Jesus Christ in sandalwood and gave it to him directly. He did so at the behest of the diocese. Then I realized that other people have a lot of skills like glass painting, simple painting jobs, drawing and making small toys. From there they bought a small space for all of them to live and work together and after building a building there they planned to build rooms to stay in, a good workshop and a cook to help them and then a male nurse. They also plan to set up an online shopping website to sell their products and sculptures. And the complete profit amount will be divided and give to each physically challenged person staying there.

Support us to Celebrate children's birthdays in slum areas

We have a plan to start photography under our charitable foundation. We are going to cover weddings, birthday celebrations, functions, etc.
From the profits that we will earn, we aim to celebrate children's birthdays in slum areas. Our team will visit their houses on the children's birthday with cake and gifts. We will capture their sweet memories, celebrations, fun moments and after two or three days we will give them a small album so that they can see and remember their happy moments in the future.
We will also cover the wedding shoots and photography of financially backward people with very minimal charges. Our charges would depend upon the person's financial situation. Generally, the prices will remain extremely affordable or we will try to keep them free. For all this to work and take this idea forward and fulfil the dreams of the ones who are not equipped enough - we will need your support. This support is what we are waiting for - which is in the form of donations. We resonate with the idea of real work, real change and for people who otherwise don’t have the opportunity, we would love to create happiness for them- through what we do.

Support us to Start more technical institutions

Technical Education offers good opportunities for employment and it would be helpful to make a successful career. If we talk specifically about technical education, it contributes a huge chunk to the overall education system and plays a vital role in the social and economic development of a nation.
We have a planning to start a Flour Mill, curry powders, and cool drinks under our charitable foundation. Giving jobs for many people and raise the fund for charity.