What We Do

Rightway Charitable Foundation is a social service enterprise that brings in creative changes to society. Our mission plays an efficient part in achieving social progress while keeping up with God’s appeasement. We aim for permanent societal development by equipping talented individuals to good effect. Resources get provided to under-privileged individuals and those from backward-social-classes that result in major transformations.
Rightway Charitable Foundation makes apt arrangements to make maximum use of all talents in the society that aids in the nation’s progress. Our operations focus on fastening an individual’s social, spiritual, and cultural developments. Kerala benefits from our social service activities as we guide them into a new direction that is much more effective than before.

Childrens Home

Foundation has two children's homes sponsoring the needs and education of 30 Boys and 20 Girls. Most of them are orphans and very few have single parent. The aim is to provide them with good nutritious food, quality education and caring.

Food & Food Kit Donation

Together, we are trying to keep poverty at bay! We are regularly offering food for homeless people starving at streets. And also, we are taking care for the food requirements of migratory workers struggling hard with their livelihood expenses.

Free Computer Hardware Training

Rightway Charitable Foundation is in partnership with a computer institute and Rightway is paying fees to provide Free Computer Hardware and Networking courses with skill development, which will help them get jobs for the financially backward people.


Financially struggling children get provided with books, uniforms, and school fees with which they just need to focus on studies. By allowing getting educated, we make people self-sufficient for the future.


We take initiatives for providing medical treatment to financially backward classes. The donations we get, from you, are used for medical treatments through surgeries that require funds.

Free Cleft Lip Palate Surgery

We, Rightway Charitable Foundation Tied up with an NGO and they will help us to do Free Surgeries to the financially backward people who have Cleft Lip and aged beloew 25.

Child Care

A good sizeable chunk of your donations get used for quality child-care. Fulfilling various needs include providing toys along with care & concern as well. We help the family of children to take care of anything regarding proper child care.

Menstrual Hygiene Campaigns

We already started Menstrual Hygiene Campaigns in Slum areas and providing them free sanitary napkins, a few lady doctors are volunteering with us to give classes.

Houses Maintenance

Natural disasters such as floods might destroy house. With your donations, we build houses for financially-backward classes and those who live on the street. We try and provide a protecting roof over everyone’s heads.

Supporting Farmers

Planned to provide Seeds and organic pesticides to the Farmers for free of cost. After the first stage we have plan to buy Tractoras for them.

A great help to a lot of people with disabilities

A group of about 15 differently abled people called our charity to request for some support. We asked them what skills they had. Surprisingly, they were very talented people. Sculptor, glass painters, Painters, making Paper pen and small toys. We planned to buy land and build a shelter cum workshop for all of them to live and work together. We planned to set up an online shopping website to sell their products and sculptures. And the complete profit amount will be divided and give to each differently abled person staying there. This Idea we are already shared with DHARSANA Club Director Fr. Solomon Kadampattuparambil CMI . Hope we can start as early as possible with their support

Hard Work

Pure Love

Smart Ideas

Good Decisions